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We love KPIs -- key performance indicators -- especially
when they point us to the right investment
opportunities at the right time!

Our investment premise is simple. Stock prices rarely go up, or down, for an extended period of time. Stocks that are tearing it up and increasing in price every day are bound to eventually come back down to earth. Stocks that get pummeled lower ever day will usually, eventually, stop their perilous, downward slides. We track and analyze these stock price "runs" every day and are excited to share this analysis with you. And yes, we
use our own tools to guide our own
stock investments.

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Tracking Runs

Stock prices are always changing and we analyze how many days in a row stocks are moving, either up or down, and deliver this analysis to you in understandable dashboards.

Simplified Analysis

Identifying which stocks to invest in is never easy, but there are key performance indicators that may make it easier for you. We use these tools to direct our own investments.

A Weekly Cup of Coffee

From just $30 per month, you will have daily analysis and updates at your fingertips. Take 10 days to determine if this service is right for you!

Insightful metrics to help guide your investments

A fresh, logical approach at identifying investment opportunities.

Extended Runs

Find those stocks that have long, consecutive runs of price increases or price drops. We have found that there are buying opportunities either way!

Market Cap

Micro and small cap stocks are usually the most volitile. We make it easy for you to focus on companies with the market caps that you prefer.


Some sectors are more prone to getting beat up and battered, which simply means there are buying opportunities!


Some industries include companies that bask in the hype and growth which pushes their stock prices up, up and up! There is always a correction, eventually.

Global or Local

Select or avoid companies that do most of their business in specific countries. It feels like some of these companies are dealing with funny money.

Volume and Demand

Some companies may be great buying opportunities, but unless there is a demand for their stock, you might have a hard time selling when its time.

Revenue and Margins

We hate to say that these aren't important, but they aren't important unless you are planning on holding your investments for the long run. We don't.

Bargains or Bullies

Some stock slides are real bargains, while others keep investors chasing and throwing their money at nosebleed prices. Figure out which is right for you.

Subscription options to fit your needs

For under $1 per day, you'll enjoy instant access to key performance metrics, insightful dashboards and a personalized profile.

  • Monthly
  • Daily updates and analysis available at your fingertips!
  • $30/month
  • Pay nothing for the first 10 days and decide if this service is worth your hard-earned dollar.

    You may cancel at any time.
  • Yearly
  • An annual plan for those who want to save a little more.
  • $300/year
  • Enjoy the same content and analysis, but receive 2 months of access for free when you pre-pay for a full year.

    You may cancel at any time.